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Purchase of transport to the license tools and equipment (light yellow, striped table, CB radio, etc.).

Escort vehicles under license facilities regulated by law. The basic requirement is a warning (yellow light) used and the need for variable message boards, striped board, CB radio, diverting traffic and restrict generators, as well as the existence of participants, vehicles, standard equipment (safety vest, first aid kit) on the road. Licences tools and equipment for transport in the absence of a vehicle can not be used in a professional escort.

Since the establishment of our company we have not only gained great experience, but also an excellent network of relations have also been built. Why else would trust so necessary to permit the transport of equipment, purchase of equipment, you have to do it for you!

We need the licenses of transport equipment, supply of equipment is not a problem. In line with customer needs favorable conditions and fast deadline for purchasing work.

Warning (yellow light), CB radios, guiding traffic generators, equipment and other assets, as well as on the road to ask basic compulsory equipment of vehicles involved in procurement of our staff for assistance.
After we contacted him immediately necessary to permit the transport of tools, equipment purchase orders under the cast.

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