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Accompanied by a license, providing professional escort organization

In addition to overweight or oversized vehicles en route clearance duties unless the appropriate safety point of view, it is necessary that this be accompanied by special vehicles.
Professional co-driver’s license for conducting escorts in addition to yellow alert, you must have a functioning warning devices required by the law. They may be changeable message signs and traffic diverting, restricting suitable devices.

Our office accompanied by permission of overweight and oversized vehicles forward and accompanied by a professional organization specializing in insurance and its cost.
The vehicles are providing and zakkíséret is a well equipped, in addition to the flashing yellow traffic light can be found in the variable message signs, traffic guiding generators, and other tools that are used to remove barriers to transport objects. Accompanied by thepermit to ensure only experienced drivers employed who have a class “C” driver’s license and a minimum of 5 years driving experience.The organization of vocational accompaniment does not challenge us, we undertake our clients’ needs is the path to development, and the extreme challenges we can meet. If necessary, we provide a professional escort in excess of a police escort, as well as hindering the progress of objects (eg light) is removed.

We specialize accompaniment throughout the country and abroad, on favorable terms, well-equipped vehicles and experienced drivers.


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