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Overhead lines are shut off (rail, Public Transport, etc.).

For oversized vehicles can cause serious breaks above the upper line s. Directions are developed prior to shipment, unfortunately, the situation is not always easy or possible overhead incurred during the route s clear a path to choose where they would face this problem.The pre-selected route you can supply the local traffic overhead ártamtalanítására, this solution can ensure that the passage is unobstructed. However, if you are not yet become a way as is done in the wrong way, the rapid Solution unplugged.

Our professionals are our customers the agreed route or the road as emergency aid assume the overhead power off. Whether it’s the local urban transport, supply or overhead lines to ensure the national rail transport power off of work and integrating it done as quickly as possible. The above road to sustainability is important to the overhead power off aa shortest possible time limits for public transport.To this end, the pre-shipment route try to power off the show on the possible reasons the place and time, as well as available fordevelopment in the vocational track of service, which ensures the safety of the running time of the contact wire is unplugged.


If you go up there, or programmed áramtalanításról is, ask our experts for help.

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