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Overweight and oversized route permits and the required contributions

As today is the size and weight of all vehicles involved in traffic forwarding rules apply. Road users in Hungary in total vehicle weight 13 / 2010th Subject to regulation (X.5). Regulation NFM. If the statutory gross weight, axle load or the load is larger than the combined total weight of the vehicle, you will be obliged to permit the route. The overweight and oversize permits routing of the national roads in the Hungarian Roads Management Inc. sells out. In the case of purely local (municipal) local roads and road management issues route permits, if more local, but national roads are not affected by the vehicle, the road route operator license as the place of origin is sufficient.

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We are aware that the route to the rest period, the driver of any change to be made to the customer needs a major logistical exercise.However, no matter how the customer first, the law must be observed.
Using the overweight vehicle without a route permit incurs a fine, which is as follows under the regulation currently in force:

  •  Over 500 kg weight or tengelytúlterhelés – 5% up to HUF 30,000
  •  Over 5% – 10% of 80.000.-Ft
  •  Above 10% to 20% of 200.000 EUR
  •  Over 20% – 30% 350.000.-Ft
  •  Over 30% 500.000


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Overweight and oversize permits and route the required contributions were acquired for us no problem! The proportions Minotaur in the labyrinth of bureaucracy colleagues soon find the way out. Our available as soon as possible or too overweight vehicle eldersmeter route permit, so you just have to deal with the path of development and will be sal statement.

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